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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Party

I have decided to start using this blog to post my comics. I'll also be self-publishing them in little zines.

A "Red Party" is a theme party that was made popular in the "circuit party" club culture of the nineties. Red Parties were huge rave-style parties where in order to attend, and in addition to a cover, you had to wear some article that was red. This comic, as well as subsequent chapters, is based on my true experience. Most "circuit parties" ceased in the last decade, but some, like the White Party in Miami, Southern Decadence in New Orleans, still go on and are very popular. They are a lot of fun, but also hold the potential to be incredibly dangerous. The Wikipedia entry on circuit parties is very good, and certainly holds true to what I observed in my short lived time in clubland.

One of the comics I am writing is called "Red Party." It is about my coming of age on the fringes of clubland. I say on the fringes because Club culture in this form was on its last legs in DC and Baltimore and I never really got super involved in any of the drug culture or the sexy decadence that was so central to the culture's mythos. I hope you enjoy the stories, all of them are true.